Kitchen Faucets On Their Latest Trends and Functions

Behold the kitchen tap–no longer just the pretty part of the pipe that brings water to your own cups, pots, and coffee makers. Today’s attractively designed options converge function and fashion to function as overachieving accessories your kitchens deserve. Today, we’re going to look at a few of the latest options available and speak kitchen faucets trends you should consider if a complete overhaul or a remodel is in the works.

Faucet Functions

Why have a faucet that transfers water when you can have one that swivels, pulls out, pulls down and sprays–all while controlling flow rate for supreme efficiency? Yes, it seems the latest incarnations of faucets are more flexible than your yoga instructor and better at multitasking than, well, you! They’re designed to be your trusty, do-it-all sidekicks for cleanup and cooking.

Consider this, if the idea of following trends sends you for a loop: Home trends are not necessarily on the same cycle as wearable fashion. Clothing styles go and come with the season, but trends for the home can last considerably longer. Since you won’t be swapping your countertops, faucet and floors as often as your jeans (goodbye skinny, hello straight leg), it’s even more imperative that you choose styles with lasting power. Here are some chic choices for your kitchen that will stand the test of time (and trends) and provide you with years of enjoyment.

kitchen faucetsKitchen Sink Trends for 2017

The warmth of wooden surfaces resonates well within natural spaces, like your outdoor kitchen. Butcher block looks especially handsome when contrasted with a utilitarian bar/prep faucet in a finish even though it might take a bit more maintenance than other surfaces.

Double Down with Two Faucets

If you’re preparing for a kitchen renovation, consider adding a second sink. In addition to making your kitchen more appealing to aspiring home chefs, you will be given more space for hand washing, rinsing and preparing beverages by an extra sink. It will free up your main sink for other uses, and a bar/prep faucet can be used for cold, filtered drinking water or instant hot water (if connected to a hot-water dispenser) for tea or cocoa. It’s a win–win for busy kitchens!

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Sweeping crumbs and spills into the sink have never been easier than using an under mount sink, that is installed beneath the countertop. This seamless look may be used only with solid-surface countertops (e.g., composite, granite, marble), so plan ahead if you want to incorporate this super-functional style into your kitchen. By installing a material for kitchen sinks, an enameled cast iron basin, add a pop of color.

Coordinating Accessories with Touch

Touch faucets have transitioned from novelty. They’re especially perfect for times when your hands are messy or you live with someone who forgets to turn off the water (the auto-shut off feature will kick in to stop the flow of water after four minutes of no activity). You can add a soap dispenser with touch technology to complete the look as soon as you select the finish that suits your taste and space.

A Bold Finish

Stark white kitchens have been popular for many years, likely because the color is associated with cleanliness. It is a blank slate of sorts, and you can swap out splashes of color by changing florals, dishes, artwork, and shelving. This year, take your kitchen that is white by adding hardware finishes. Opt for warmer hues like bronze copper or matte black, particularly those with transitional style, which bridges the gap between cosmetic traditional and styles that are sleek. Feel free to mix hues or finishes with the same polish. The result will be an eclectic kitchen with flair.

If you’re stuck on which trends will work well, have a step back and examine the general style of your home. If it is a Tudor-style house, stick with finishes and rich details that complement your space and avoid going too contemporary. If your home is mid-century modern, traditional flourishes and ornate decor and your dwelling could clash. Your house is your canvas; make sure your choices stay true to the era of the architecture and its location if you would like to maintain a cohesive look that will feel fresh and pertinent.

Lavatory Faucets

Whether you are installing a brand new bathroom or redesigning an existing one, exploring the complete range of lavatory faucets available is a key element of the planning phase. These fixtures’ continuous use and prominent place in toilet designs make it important to give them plenty of attention.

Quality is essential when it comes to lavatory faucets. Solid brass construction will greatly increase the lifespan and overall durability of a tap. Plated metal is a step down from solid brass, but will still last.

There are four standard configurations for bathroom faucets: 8-inch (widespread), 4-inch, single-hole, and wall-mount. Except for wall-mount faucets, all these can be mounted on the deck of the sink. Measuring the span between the centers of the two outermost faucet holes in your sink will determine which type of faucet it can accommodate. If you have a vessel or under mount sink, a wall faucet is an option–and wall faucets can also add a flair that is distinctive.

In terms of finish, oil-rubbed bronze for lavatory faucets works well with traditional styles, whereas polished nickel is usually used in traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

Go, Commercial Grade

Incorporating commercial grade appliances, fixtures, and designs is creating the boom for the up and coming seasons. With functionality at its center, increasing productivity with items and maximizing prep space such as a prep faucet with a pot-filler that is integrated.

Multiple Countertop Materials

Mixing your countertop materials is a large trend coming in on the horizon, especially wood. Get ready to see wood countertops contrasting against cool marble and other stone counters.

Tried and True Black and White

Have no fear, that classic black, and white color palette are here to stay well and through the fall of 2016 into 2017. How can it change though? Think bolder, with higher contrast, and touches, blending modern style with a dash of country aesthetic.

Linear Silhouettes

By opting for one with a linear silhouette on the leading to 2017, keep things clean and minimal. The architectural aesthetic will instantly update your appearance and is compatible with a wide range of styles.

Apron-Front Sinks

At the sink, apron-front styles are timeless and are currently becoming more than just the traditional farmhouse style. You can always expect great things from an apron-front sink that is contemporary, not only do they act as the focal point that is perfect, but their practicality makes them an easy choice.

Drawbacks of Classic Kitchen Faucet

It is difficult to maintain highly ornate layouts. The retro-styled kitchen faucets are difficult to clean and operate. Only those who really love retro-styled faucets feel comfortable in using and maintaining it.If you still want a retro faucet and not ready to sacrifice on functionality, the best option is chosen traditionally designed kitchen faucets which are finished in a retro look with warmer materials and a special classical styling.Most of the current retro kitchen faucets are a blend between traditional and contemporary designs.Basically, the retro styles are simply a change from the modern and sometimes bizarre designs.

Era of Neo-Classic and Rusty Kitchen Faucets

The retro styling is on its way back. From the bathroom to kitchen, retro fittings and fixtures are becoming more popular.Brass, chrome finishing, polished nickel are some of the few finishes which people prefer to have their fixtures and fittings of kitchen faucets and bathrooms.

Earlier, there was not much difference between the toilet and kitchen plumbing.In those days style wasn’t a factor and what matters was functionality only.If something wasn’t necessary, it was never purchased.The vintage styled bridge faucets are gaining popularity today with the increase in the usage of under -mounted sinks.

The ancient fashion along with maintaining better functionality is becoming the trend in the kitchen faucets market recently.Retro faucets are something more than a style statement and it is not meant to provide a streamlined appearance to the faucets.The modern traditional style kitchen faucets are easier to clean, operate and got decent functions like single handled, pull-out sprayer and even ceramic or diamond sealed valves.

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